Cell Phone Plus Plus: the RIM BlackBerry Bold 9000

I am a proud owner of a BlackBerry Bold 9000, one of Research In Motion’s (RIM) finest products to date.

Thought: Counting Lines of Code

“when did I learn each programming language I know, and how many lines of code have I written in each?”

Thought: Lane Changing & Greedy Algorithms

“greedy algorithms do not appear capable of producing optimal lane changes”

TASM 5 Intel 8086 Turbo Assembler Download

A current version of TASM (Turbo Assembler) is rather hard to come by on the Web. Below is a .zip file you can download that is ready-to-go with TASM 5.

Ottawa Flight School Comparison: OAS vs OFC

A person wanting to begin flight training in Ottawa is prepared to spend in the neighbourhood of $10,000, and it only makes sense to get the best deal and th...

Late 2008 15-Inch Unibody MacBook Pro Battery Life

After 300 loadcycles, the battery in an early unibody MacBook Pro is kaput. Period, says Apple.

Carleton University COMP3004 (ROSE-RT) Midterm

Carleton UniversityCOMP3004 - Object-Oriented Software EngineeringMidterm from Fall 2009

18 Months of Google Web History

Okay, today’s agenda is very simple - describe Web History using my account as an example, then give my personal opinion on its usefulness.

Fix for Opera 10 for Mac Freezing and High CPU Usage

Today, my copy of Opera 10 for Mac did a particular stunt for the third time I can remember.

Getting Between Ottawa Flying Club (OFC) And Algonquin College

Students enrolled in Algonquin College’s Commercial Pilot and Aviation Management program will be interested in the distance between the college and the flyi...