Questions About Canadian Private Pilot License

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Being a Licensed Power Pilot

A couple weeks ago I filled out a bunch of forms and got a Transport Canada “Authorized Person” to sign the back of my license. That signature officially gav...

How To Pass the Transport Canada PPL Exam

Getting a private pilot’s license (PPL) can be described as showing you know the textbook showing you know how to fly.

Let's Finish This

Exams are over, and I am getting tired of having to tell people I still don’t have my PPL.

Flight Test Passed!

All right! I passed my flight test, so I will get my new license after doing a bit of paperwork :)

Logging Flights with Garmin nuvi 760 GPS

As anyone even casually checking will have noticed, prices for GPS units have dropped steadily over the last few years.

My First Solo

Although this isn’t really recent, it is a related milestone, so it’s in here. This was the day I flew solo for the first time.

Hamilton Canadian Aviation Expo

I have the amazing fortune to live across the street from a couple, both pilots, who own a plane (PA-28 - see pictures) and invite me for flights occasionall...

The Great Notorious Bus Strike

This semester will go down in my history as the one I didn’t take the bus to university.

Apple Not Immune to Spelling Mistakes

Spelling and grammar are “relatively” important to me, and I have found many a mistake on all sorts of websites. I would have thought, though, that a large c...