Getting Between Ottawa Flying Club (OFC) And Algonquin College

Students enrolled in Algonquin College’s Commercial Pilot and Aviation Management program will be interested in the distance between the college and the flying club (OFC).

By car, it is a short 10-15 minute drive on Woodroffe Avenue then Hunt Club Road. During rush hour this is not an enjoyable route, however.

If taking a bus, there is a direct link provided by the 116. It can be boarded near the college at Baseline Station Stop 1B. Stops near the flying club are limited to ones along the side of Hunt Club. They are only a three minute walk from the Club, though. At most times of the day, this route can be traveled in approximately half an hour.

Of course, after getting into a plane, the distance can be covered in less than 5 minutes :) It feels good to be flying over all that traffic stuck at red lights!