2 Pro Tips for Your Next Airline Flight

These tips were learned first-hand by not making use of them, unfortunately. I will from now on.

Use OS X for Conveniently Remembering Developer Info

Software developers, whether for desktop platforms, mobile devices, or web services, inherently need to use a lot of pieces of information as part of their d...

Carleton University GEOM4003 (Remote Sensing) Study Guide

Carleton UniversityGEOM4003 - Remote Sensing of the EnvironmentFinal exam from Winter 2011

Getting an American Pilot Certificate Using a Canadian PPL

At one point I was in New Mexico and wanted to have a bit of flying there to see what it’s like. Of course, though, I couldn’t fly an American aircraft with ...

Flight Time and Ratings Summary

Breakdown of all my flight time into PIC, dual, instrument, cross-country + more. Also a list of licenses and ratings I hold.

First Thoughts on the Diamond Katana DA20

The Diamond Katana DA20 A1 is a light trainer and comparable to the Cessna 150, but the similarities stop there.

Weekend Hike in the Frontenac Provincial Park

Frontenac Provincial Park is a 52-square-kilometre region of the Frontenac Axis, the southern arm of the Canadian Shield.

How to Get Tether Working with a Mac and a Fido BlackBerry Bold 9000

This is the configuration that worked for me.

Soaring a Grob

Decided to go soaring last Saturday - haven’t been in a glider for about a year and a half, and the Rideau Valley Soaring Club offers intro flights in their ...

Landscaping: Completing a Project

All of us know what a subdivision looks like - we’ve all driven through them and visited friends who live in one.