Flight Time and Ratings Summary

Breakdown of all my flight time into PIC, dual, instrument, cross-country + more. Also a list of licenses and ratings I hold.

Licenses and Ratings:

Name Date Effective
Glider Pilot License August 2006
Private Pilot License November 2009
Night Rating April 2014

Aircraft Flown:

Aircraft Name Time on Type
Cessna 150M ~80 hours
Diamond Katana DA20 ~45 hours
Schweizer SGS-232-A ~12 hours
Piper Warrior PA-28 ~5 hours
Cessna 172 ~4 hours
Grob G103 ~1 hour
Grob 115C ~1 hour

Time Breakdown:

Single-Engine Aircraft Hours
Day Dual 82.6
Day PIC* 49.4
Night Dual 11.0
Night PIC 6.2
Total 149.2
Cross-Country Hours
Dual 6.3
PIC 7.5
Night 2.6
Total 16.4
Instrument Hours
Actual 0.0
Hood 10.0
Total 10.0
Gliding Hours
Dual 4.8
PIC 8.6
Total 13.4

* PIC stands for Pilot-in-command, and refers to the person in control of an aircraft.